The methanol fuel cell provides an answer to remote power and low maintenance refuelling for remote CCTV Towers installed in far off locations.

Mobile CCTV Towers having a refuelling schedule roughly every 150 or 300 days.

Customer Requirements – As Hydrogen fuel cells potentially require refuelling every one or two weeks in winter. The customer wanted the most sustainable option to ensure a ‘once per year’ refuel (dependent on specification), with low emissions ticking all of the ‘green credentials’ boxes. Ideally, the customer wanted to be visiting the site once or twice a year to maximise the margin in supporting their fleet of towers.

The team had to consider the power budget and user requirements when deciding the fuel cell for this project. They hand-picked the EFOY fuel cell which is reliable, autonomous, environmentally friendly and has the capability for remote surveillance. The Fuel cell also meets all safety directives of handling methanol. Clever use of power management from the STL Power Management System meant The fuel cell output was optimised, with the needs of the tower and the use of solar and the management of that energy stream means the outline goal is easily achieved. As a reminder the use of special low fuel sensors, means that even the refuelling process can be planned in to maximise the efficiency of any service visit to site.

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Creation of new Tower spec reduces power consumption, and makes the mobile CCTV Tower on site an invaluable tool.

How to reduce the power usage and overheads of Towers.

The Customer required a lower power consumption whilst using additional battery-powered detectors up to 100m away, in order to get a solar-powered tower to maximise the rake from pure sunlight.

The STL R&D team designed the remotely controllable PTZ CCTV Tower with wireless detectors. This resulted in the customer being able to use a greater number of detectors adjacent to the Tower to bring specific focus to key areas of protection on-site, but at the same time utilise the Sun’s energy for the vast majority of the towers day to day operation.

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Bespoke Power data management PC board ensures overall management of CCTV Tower key components.

Having the ability to deliver fewer potential points of failure, manage power and data connections, and further alarm monitoring control.

Our R& D Team created an intelligent compact PCB board that brings together separate components in a reduced amount of space, creating power and data efficiencies, allowing more alarm outputs and analysis of tower components. Meaning the reliability of a mobile CCTV tower is far greater than collecting individual finished goods together in housing. Equally, basic Engineering fault-finding metrics can be seen at a glance, allowing fast diagnosis if and when problems happen.

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Wide area detection using radar and PTZ camera to protect a critical infrastructure perimeter.

The brief, in this case, was to protect the perimeter of an area and link the towers back to a central point using long-range WIFI.

Customer Requirements – Perimeter protection as efficient as possible with central monitoring.

Special Considerations – Need to track multiple targets.

Conclusion (How STL solved/fulfilled the problem) – Each tower had a radar-activated PTZ fitted to the TM Premium mast tower top protecting up to 400M on either side of the tower. The use of radar meant that several objects could be tracked simultaneously by the PTZ using auto-track technology. Long-range WIFI deployed from each tower meant that a central control room could monitor the perimeter and assess what actions were needed and where exactly along a multi-kilometre fenceline.

Self sufficient Dual Solar and Methanol Fuel Cell Tower with Built in Analytic for Detection

How to circumvent the problem of protecting a site with no power infrastructure available.

Customer Requirements – Needed protection of a building site development from initial outset where the site was greenfield and had no power available.

Special Considerations – Also needed the power to be a green as possible (no diesel generators because of noise and pollution)

We solved the customer’s requirements via the use of our Dual Solar with Methanol fuel cell, meaning complete independence for over 300 days per annum. The solar panels harvested sun energy for the majority of the year, but as and when a top-up was needed the methanol fuel cell kicked in and generated enough energy to keep the batteries charged. The by-product of the fuel cell is pure clean water.

Any detections were made and signalled to our Partner ARC who then took appropriate action with the site operator ensuring a secure perimeter for the duration of the project.

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Securing oil infrastructure using solar power all year round.

Total Solar PIDS operated PTZ Tower.

Customer Requirements – The protection of valuable oil infrastructure and assets in very remote isolated locations without the use of mains power. Any movement detected in an area gives CCTV images to an Operator in a remote monitoring station. The Operator then decides based on what assessment is made what to do including the deployment of protection personnel to ensure the safety of the asset involved.

Special Considerations – No mains power available, limited mobile phone signal, simplicity of design needed throughout. Deployment of the towers was to be made by flying the tower in by helicopter.

We solved the problem using a special design of a dual solar tower. Using the base TM Premium tower mast with dual solar panel attachment, with adjustable angles to maximise the harvest from the sun. The panels gave enough energy to power the tower 365 days a year including through the rainy season. The tower itself used a 360 Vision Invictus PTZ with presets activated by a PIDS system installed inside the CPU box within the tower itself. The PIDS system meant that detectors could be mounted at strategic points protecting parts of the infrastructure more sensitive than others. The tower itself was then painted in a colour to blend in with the surroundings around the platform.

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