Analytics - Radar - PID’s - Thermal - Optical

The most security tower on the market


Multiple Detection Methods

Optical, thermal and radar detection are all feasible options; with the ability to record, store and transmit data as required.

Versatile Power Options

Available with Solar (single or double panel), Hydrogen / Methanol fuel cell, or local mains supply.

Adapt to any situation

Full range of brackets for mounting cameras, aerials, spotlights and solar cells.

24hr Communication

Cellular network 3g / 4g / 5g, Long range WI-FI, and Satellite communications options.


  • Telesecopic built in mast extends up to 6M high
  • Manual ratchet or electronic hoist options
  • 100 x 100 x 232 cm (W x D x H) Weight 452Kg
  • Cable Protection track included
  • Vandal proof and two lockable doors
  • Steel cable mast head stabilisers
  • Extendable feet for added stability
  • Brackets for cameras, aerials, DVR’s & solar panels


  • Festivals & events
  • Vacant property sites
  • Manned guarding sites
  • Building sites & construction projects
  • Public area surveillance
  • Utlity & energy infrastructure
  • Borders & ports
  • Mobile protection compounds
The Mobile Surveillance Towers are available in a number of variants to suit site specific problems, and can be fitted with a number of power solutions including fuel cells. These can be further enhanced with the use of powerful solar cell charging technology  meaning if power is not available, measures can be deployed to power any of the range of towers, 365 days a year, regardless of the terrain and geographical location. Environmental factors such as water, heat and cold can also be addressed within the versatile cabinet arrangement of the tower.


Best in Class Tech Support

We at STL UK pride ourselves on our second to none Technical support. We have 7 dedicated support technicians with phone and remote desktop access in order to fully support all of our towers. Normal UK hours run 9-5, but we also have an out of hours service which is vital when supporting a round the clock, around the world asset protection network customer base. We also have official, documented training courses on our tower technology, Installation and support, as well as a video academy offering instructional information on how to interact and operate the tower technology. As a separate arrangement we also have a network of regionally based mobile technicians who can assist with tower technical support and transportation. Quotes available on request.

Set-up and Tested

We manufacture our towers at our facility in Worcestershire, UK. The flow process means each tower is made with the same diligence and with the same tolerance for each and every part it is built from. So much so we are able to offer build under licence opportunities using our flow process to Overseas customers. Each tower has a pre-determined diagnostic check done at the time of pre-delivery inspection before departing the manufacturing premises and comes with a 3-year warranty on the surveillance parts.

Leading Technology and R & D

Market leading technology, plus a huge R&D investment has made STL UK into an International Market leader in Mobile CCTV Tower Technology. We have developed a processing engine (Chimera CPU) not only controlling data, comms and voltages, but providing vital feedback on critical tower KPI’s ensuring you know exactly what is going on and where with your tower fleet. This allows educated assessments of tower health, and also the ability to rationalise service calls and thus maximise the margin the customer makes from deploying a tower on site.

Logistics and Delivery

Logistics can be handled easily no matter what the quantity. Single units can be delivered utilising out trailer delivery services, whereas larger shipments can be loaded onto various size lorries.

We also have Forklift facilities for loading containers for overseas shipping. We have shipped towers to a number of Countries and quotes can be obtained by request.

Reduced costs
Cost effective compared to manned security
365 Days a Year
All year round, never sick, never on holiday
Go Any location
Including dangerous sites and brownfields


River Project Africa

Securing oil infrastructure using solar power all year round. Total Solar PIDS operated PTZ Tower. Customer Requirements – The protection of valuable oil infrastructure and assets in very remote isolated locations without the use of mains power. Any movement detected in an area gives CCTV images to an Operator in a remote monitoring station. The […]

Building Site Solar Methanol

Self sufficient Dual Solar and Methanol Fuel Cell Tower with Built in Analytic for Detection How to circumvent the problem of protecting a site with no power infrastructure available. Customer Requirements – Needed protection of a building site development from initial outset where the site was greenfield and had no power available. Special Considerations – […]

Radar detection tower

Wide area detection using radar and PTZ camera to protect a critical infrastructure perimeter. The brief, in this case, was to protect the perimeter of an area and link the towers back to a central point using long-range WIFI. Customer Requirements – Perimeter protection as efficient as possible with central monitoring. Special Considerations – Need […]