Building Site Solar Methanol

Self sufficient Dual Solar and Methanol Fuel Cell Tower with Built in Analytic for Detection

How to circumvent the problem of protecting a site with no power infrastructure available.

Customer Requirements – Needed protection of a building site development from initial outset where the site was greenfield and had no power available.

Special Considerations – Also needed the power to be a green as possible (no diesel generators because of noise and pollution)

We solved the customer’s requirements via the use of our Dual Solar with Methanol fuel cell, meaning complete independence for over 300 days per annum. The solar panels harvested sun energy for the majority of the year, but as and when a top-up was needed the methanol fuel cell kicked in and generated enough energy to keep the batteries charged. The by-product of the fuel cell is pure clean water.

Any detections were made and signalled to our Partner ARC who then took appropriate action with the site operator ensuring a secure perimeter for the duration of the project.

More information can be obtained by calling us – +44 1684 770340