Methanol Fuel Cell Power

The methanol fuel cell provides an answer to remote power and low maintenance refuelling for remote CCTV Towers installed in far off locations.

Mobile CCTV Towers having a refuelling schedule roughly every 150 or 300 days.

Customer Requirements – As Hydrogen fuel cells potentially require refuelling every one or two weeks in winter. The customer wanted the most sustainable option to ensure a ‘once per year’ refuel (dependent on specification), with low emissions ticking all of the ‘green credentials’ boxes. Ideally, the customer wanted to be visiting the site once or twice a year to maximise the margin in supporting their fleet of towers.

The team had to consider the power budget and user requirements when deciding the fuel cell for this project. They hand-picked the EFOY fuel cell which is reliable, autonomous, environmentally friendly and has the capability for remote surveillance. The Fuel cell also meets all safety directives of handling methanol. Clever use of power management from the STL Power Management System meant The fuel cell output was optimised, with the needs of the tower and the use of solar and the management of that energy stream means the outline goal is easily achieved. As a reminder the use of special low fuel sensors, means that even the refuelling process can be planned in to maximise the efficiency of any service visit to site.

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