River Project Africa

Securing oil infrastructure using solar power all year round.

Total Solar PIDS operated PTZ Tower.

Customer Requirements – The protection of valuable oil infrastructure and assets in very remote isolated locations without the use of mains power. Any movement detected in an area gives CCTV images to an Operator in a remote monitoring station. The Operator then decides based on what assessment is made what to do including the deployment of protection personnel to ensure the safety of the asset involved.

Special Considerations – No mains power available, limited mobile phone signal, simplicity of design needed throughout. Deployment of the towers was to be made by flying the tower in by helicopter.

We solved the problem using a special design of a dual solar tower. Using the base TM Premium tower mast with dual solar panel attachment, with adjustable angles to maximise the harvest from the sun. The panels gave enough energy to power the tower 365 days a year including through the rainy season. The tower itself used a 360 Vision Invictus PTZ with presets activated by a PIDS system installed inside the CPU box within the tower itself. The PIDS system meant that detectors could be mounted at strategic points protecting parts of the infrastructure more sensitive than others. The tower itself was then painted in a colour to blend in with the surroundings around the platform.

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